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Sitting Secrets - Part 1: How to Tell the Difference Between (section 1 of 2) NEW
MillerAlexanderTech — 26 September 2009 — Sitting. We do it a lot and it is often the cause of much of our fatigue, pain and tension. As Alexander Technique teachers we are often asked about what chairs are best for minimizing fatigue and maximizing energy. Sadly, there is no one perfect chair. Keep in mind there are two factors involved in sitting. The chair and you. In this 2 part segment of "A.T. at Home", we will be discussing the 2 factors of sitting well. Part 1 will explain the elements that make up a good chair and those that make up a bad chair. We will also share with you how to make simple modifications to any chair so that it supports you better. "Sitting Secrets - Part 2: How to Sit Well in Any Chair" will be available in January 2010
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